So you’ve picked all of your cards.  They are nice and neat in their spread. You start turning them over and BAM- you get the Sun card upside down.  What do you do? Turn it right side up? Ignore it and put it back in the deck?  Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s reversed for a reason.  However, you can choose not to read reversals.  I mean really, they’re your cards, you can read them the way you feel most comfortable.  But please do give reversals a try.

Reversals don’t have to be scary.  They just add a little more depth to your reading.  Let’s talk about the Sun card you pull reversed.  Well, right side up that card usually means “your day in the Sun”, victory, happiness, or instant gratification.  Reversed, it usually means delayed gratification, temporary depression, or a not so joyous outcome.

Some cards give a better outcome if they are reversed.  For instance, take the 3 of Swords or the Tower card.  Both of those give a more pleasing reading being reversed.  The 3 of Swords reversed to me means that the heartbreak/sorrow is over.  The Tower reversed to me means that the “Tower” moment is over and you are on your way back up.

If you are wanting to read reversals but are really unsure of yourself there is a chart on Pinterest that may help you.  It does cost money to get the chart, but it’s so worth it.  See the links below:

Upright Chart

Reversal Chart

After you’ve been doing reversals for a while, you’ll start to develop your own meanings.  Just like you have, reading the cards upright.

If you read reversals, please comment on what helped you and/or what hindered you.


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